Budhanilkantha Heritage Hotel Limited has appointed Global IME Capital Limited as the Securities Issuance and Sales manager to issue 15,00,000 units (15% of issued capital)  ordinary shares at a face value of Rs 100 per share to general public.

CompanyBudhanilkantha Heritage Hotel
No. of units15,00,000 units
Face ValueRs. 100
Issue PriceRs. 100
Issue ManagerGlobal IME Capital

On 23 Magh, 2080, a bilateral agreement for the issuance of ordinary shares was signed between Mr. Babu Kaji Karki, the Managing Director representing the Budhanilkantha Hotel, and Mr. Mandip Luitel, the Chief Executive Officer representing Capital.

About Company

The Budhanilkantha Heritage Hotel Limited, initially registered as a private company in the year 2075 BS, transitioned into a public company in 2078 BS. Located in Ward No. 1 of Budhanilkantha Municipality, Kathmandu, the company has seen an initial investment of Rs. 85 crore from its founders. Following the IPO issuance, the company’s capital is expected to reach Rs. 1 billion.

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